The Statute of the Second Boys’ and Youth Choirs Christmas Festival
«Christmas – Light for Our Souls!»

The Second Boys’ and Youth Choirs Christmas Festival “Christmas – Light for Our Souls!” will take place in December 2010 with the blessing of His Eminence Filaret, the Metropolitan of Minsk and Slutsk and the Patriarch Exarch of All Belarus.

Mission of the Festival:
The festival aims at forming spiritual values with the help of life-giving sounds of music, the Word of God and all-conquering power of love to one’s own people and orthodox traditions, as well as at giving praise to our Lord Creator.
  The Founders:
•    Belarusian Orthodox Church “Joy to All Sorrows” spiritual enlightenment and charity center (Minsk);
•    Belarusian union of musicians;
•    Belarusian State Philharmonic Society;
•    The Association of boys’ and youth choir masters “BSMD Open Society”;
•    Organizing committee of cultural-educational exhibitions under Minsk Eparchy;

The Goals of the Festival are:
•    To support and develop children’s and youth choirs in Belarus;
•    To promote and develop friendly creative contacts, mutual understanding and cooperation between children and young people from different countries;
•    To promote Belarusian choir and vocal music;
•    To make younger generations familiar with the diversity of ancient Christian chant and the best examples of spiritual music by Belarusian, Russian and foreign composers;
•    To give to children and their parents access to observance of Christmas together with the rest of Christian World;
•    To awaken in school children the feeling of patriotism and love to the Motherland, its culture and art;
•    To foster in kids a careful and respectful attitude towards Belarusian national culture, national traditions, customs and rites;
•    To support the existing children’s and youth creative groups and to demonstrate their achievements;
•    To awaken and activate the youth’s interest to the spiritual choir and vocal music.
The Programme of the Festival (the programme and terms of festival will be specified later):

Day 1 –Opening of the Festival;

Day 2 – Performances of choirs in orphanages, boarding schools for disabled children and orthodox churches;

Day 3 –Closing ceremony of the Festival in the Belarusian State Philharmonic Society

Concert programme requirements:

•    Concert programme presented may include both religious and secular musical compositions appropriate to the subject matter of Christmas;

•    Musical compositions by Russian and foreign classical composers (spiritual and secular);

•    Musical compositions by modern composers (spiritual and secular);

•    Folk songs including Christmas carols;

•    Patriotic songs (about Motherland, national heroes, friendship, war and peace)

Spiritual musical compositions should make up 50% of concert repertoire.

Diplomas and trophies for all the participants.

   Boys’ and youth choirs from the CIS and foreign countries are invited to take part in the Second Boys’ and Youth Choirs Christmas Festival «Christmas – Light for Our Souls!» which will be held in December 2010.
    Transfer, residence and meals are at the expense of the visitor choir or at mutual exchange with a choir from Minsk.
If needed choirs may be provided with transport at extra cost.

  Please, send your application by e-mail by the 1st of October 2010

      A P P L I C A T I O N form for participation in the Second Boys’ and Youth Choirs Christmas Festival «Christmas – Light for Our Souls!»
I. GENERAL INFORMATION: 1. City, Country                           

2. Establishment                                            
(full name)                                        

3. Name of the choir                                                                               

4. Number of participants                               

5. Choir master:
 (full name and surname)                            

6. Contact phone numbers, e-mail:                     
7. Accompanist (full name and surname)                            
8. Number of accompanying persons (men and women)               

(Please, state the sound time of each musical composition)
Choir performance references should be enclosed to the application form.

Creative Director of the Second Boys’ and Youth Choir Christmas Festival «Christmas – Light for Our Souls!» -
 Svetlana Savel’eva – the choir master of the model boys’ and youth choir “Parus” of Minsk N.I. Aladov music school for children № 2, responsible secretary of Boys’ and Youth Choir Masters Association “BSMD Open Society”.

Sponsors are invited to take part in the project!

Contact phone number: (8-10-375-17)2149322 ; contact mobile phone number: (+375-17)3-229-558 (velcom); (+375-17)557-522-8 (МТS)
Contact e-mail: Этот адрес e-mail защищен от спам-ботов. Чтобы увидеть его, у Вас должен быть включен Java-Script