PARUS Boys’ Choir
Artistic Biography of
PARUS Boys’ Choir

(Children’s Music School No.2 named after N.I.Aladov, Minsk, Republic of Belarus)
Art Director - Svetlana Savelyeva
Accompanist - Irina Dynkova
PARUS Boys’ Choir was organized in October 2000 on initiative of S.Savelyeva. The artistic repertoire of the choir includes the musical compositions of the Russian and foreign classical composers, edited versions of folk songs, sacred music, compositions of contemporary composers, compositions written by the choir director Svetlana Savelyeva.
For the first time the choir sang in February 2001 in the Big Hall of the Belarusian National Philharmonic Society during the city festival of boys’ choirs.
PARUS Choir actively participates in the Minsk Choir Assemblies festival of boys’ and youth’s choirs. In 2003, in the competition of choirs held within the framework of the festival, the choir won the 1st Prize and soloists were awarded with the diplomas of I - II - III degrees. In spring 2003 the choir was awarded with the diploma of III degree in the city and later in the national competitions of the children’s choirs of the schools of arts.
In 2004 the PARUS Boys’ Choir won the 3rd Prize in the SUZORYE National Folk Arts Competition and arranged a concert in the Polotsk St. Sophia Cathedral, whereupon the CD was released. The same year the choir became a prize-winner in the Cimmerian Choir Meeting, International Competition of Children’s Choirs (town of Feodosiya).
In March 2005 PARUS performed the mass Requiem of Michael Haller in the St. Roch Cathedral (Minsk, the chamber hall of the Belarusian National Philharmonic Society).
In February 2006 the choir took an active part in the International Choir Festival in Minsk, as well as in the Festival of Children’s Choirs of Musical Schools of the district of Kaunas (Lithuania) where the group arranged a solo concert in M.K.Perovsky Museum, in addition to other performances.
In 2006 and 2007 the choir performed successfully in the Ave Maria, the Christmas Festival of Catholic Motets, hold in the Roman-Catholic church of St. Simeon and St. Elena, and in 2007 - in the Festival of Sacred Music in the town of Svetlogorsk.
In April 2008 the group became a prize-winner of “We are All Friends”, the International Fest, hold in Minsk; visited Brest and arranged concerts in the Vitebsk Philharmonic Society and in Polotsk St. Sophia Cathedral.
PARUS Choir has the active concert activity and often performs in the Belarusian National Philharmonic Society, Belarusian museums, music and comprehensive schools and other concert stages of this country; it participates in the charity actions and ecclesiastical and educational exhibitions, such as the Nativity of Christ, Art and Orthodoxy, etc.
The group has recorded 6 compact discs